Whitsunday Anglican School has an outstanding academic record. We aim to provide our students with the best preparation for life and further studies. Whitsunday Anglican School provides academic education programs that place the individual student at the centre of all learning.

Academic enrichment

Programs offered by the Learning Enrichment Team are targeted to both students with learning difficulties and the gifted learners.

The program aims to:

  •  work with the class teacher to identify the needs of the exceptional learner
  •  plan with the class teacher and provide ideas to help the teaching program reach the exceptional learner
  •  provide direct support to exceptional learners in the regular classroom, through team teaching and support
  •  assist class teachers to access specialist support for the exceptional learner
  •  teach individuals or small groups where there is a clear need for enrichment
  •  develop individual programs for students with special needs in collaboration with all stakeholders
  •  work with staff in the development, adaptation and evaluation of programs to cater for the exceptional learners in the classroom
  •  assist teachers to cater for individual needs through the provision of material resources
  •  foster a positive attitude by students for themselves and their work.

Homework and Tutorial Scheme

Each semester, Whitsunday Anglican School offers academic support through our Homework and Tutorial Scheme in key subject areas outside of class time. Students can enroll in these for the semester to gain extra assistance in areas they feel would benefit from these sessions.

Queensland Studies Authority

Whitsunday students achieve impressive academic results in the statewide tertiary entrance examinations.

The Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) is the central body that develops and approves all courses of study in Queensland schools. Whitsunday Anglican School offers only QSA approved subjects in our Senior School.

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