BoothWhitsunday Anglican School has a co-educational day and boarding school. Booth House provides for the comfortable living of 78 boarders from Years 5 to 12. While living areas are shared, sleeping areas, toilets and showers are separate. Boarders are made very aware of the shared and segregated areas of the boarding house.

In keeping with the trends of modern boarding around the nation, we provide a warm, supportive and family-like atmosphere. Every student has their own desk, storage cupboard and wall space for posters, family photos and term planners. All sleeping areas have fans and are air-conditioned. Most of the beds are king singles.  Common rooms, kitchenettes, television areas and a small library are all provided to enhance the quality of boarder life.

Sleeping areas of Booth House are in three defined buildings; Booth House, PODs and Dalrymple Wing.

Booth House accommodates Year 5 to Year 9 students in single, double and four-bed rooms. Toilets, showers, laundries, kitchenettes and common rooms provide all the living space and resources required for boarders. These areas are also enhanced by study spaces and relaxation areas are designed to replicate the comfort of home.

A POD typically accommodates Year 9 to Year 11 students, and emphasises the comfort and privacy required as the boarders get older.  Each POD is characterised by six single bedrooms, showers and toilet areas coming off a central hallway. There are 24 individual rooms in this four-POD complex.

Dalrymple Wing is the latest extension to the Booth House boarding community. There are seven single rooms around four central hallways, complete with showers and toilets.  Dalrymple Wing is a two-level building, the first of its kind at Whitsunday Anglican School. Each floor is dedicated to either senior girls or boys, maintaining the segregated sleeping areas. There is a spacious and well-ventilated common room/kitchenette and laundry also provided on the ground floor.

Booth House history

Booth House bears its name from Clive Booth, a foundation member of the Whitsunday Anglican School community. To embrace the Booth name, it seemed fitting to include Clive’s academic colour purple, along with the Booth family motto from the middle ages, ‘Deus adjuvant nos’, God assists us.

The symbol within the crest is our arch and gateway into the Booth House. The archway and gate have been the main entrance into Booth House since the boarding house was constructed in 1997. Originally the entrance was on Celeber Drive, until in 2003, when it was moved into its current position near the chapel. The archway and gate resonate with boarders past and present, symbolically welcomed by the warm hospitality of Booth House and the boarders that live there.

Boarding contacts

Mr Bruce H Keys – Head of Boarding

  • Phone: 07 4969 2044brucekeys
  • Mobile: 0477 332 633


Mr Keys returns as Head of Boarding to the Clive Booth Boarding House after 11 years in Brisbane, 5 years as Director of Boarding at Brisbane Boys’ College and 6 years as Head of Sport and HPE at Faith Lutheran College, Redlands. With over three decades of secondary educational experience in the private sector Mr Keys has spent 20 years dedicated to pastoral care in residential boarding. He is a qualified senior and middle school teacher in HPE, Humanities and Christian Education.  He resides in Booth Boarding House with his wife Paula and they have three mature aged children Jessica, Jack and Jemma.

Mr Keys returns with a strong passion to further develop the growth of full time boarding at Whitsunday Anglican School. He enjoys personal fitness, fishing, quality family time and encouraging all boarders to be actively involved in the wide range of co-curricular activities which are available at the School.

Mr Brad P Allen – Assistant Head of Boarding

  • Mobile: 0429 823 866

Mr Allen has joined the Booth House boarding team this year and was previously the Head of Boys’ Boarding at All Saints’ College for the past five years. Previous to this Mr Allen held significant positions at Dulwich Preparatory School in England and at Georgiana Molloy Anglican School in Western Australia. Mr Allen is joined by his wife Jodie and two children, Imogen and Harry.

Mrs. Sandy Wood – House Mother

jaye_cropSandy is a long serving member of the boarding house and, as such, has the experience to assist all boarders along their journey here in Booth House. Her role is wide reaching and demanding, however she very much enjoys working with her 78 boarder ‘kids’, an extension of her own adult family and grandchildren.

Ms Wendy Carson – School Nurse


  • Phone: 07 4969 2020
  • Mobile: 0459 811 560

One of the most important aspects of boarding life is that of a boarder’s health and wellbeing. Mrs Carson has the role of caring for our boarders in their time of need. A registered nurse with an extensive career, her experiences have been in many fields, including midwifery, mental health and research. Mrs Carson is also a parent at Whitsunday Anglican School, her two daughters are enrolled as senior school students. Boarders have access to Mrs Carson throughout the school day, morning and afternoon clinics in Booth House and 24/7 on call access.

Contact us

  • Leave phone (voicemail only): 07 4969 2071 or [email protected].
  • Girls’ internal phone: 07 4969 2046
  • Boys’ internal phone: 07 4969 2045
  • School Office: 07 4969 2000
  • School Office Fax: 07 4969 2001

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