Year 5 Outdoor Education Camp


Camp Theme: Teamwork and Challenge
Locations: Haypoint
Length: 4 nights/5 days

The Year 5 Outdoor Education Program heads south to the Action Challenge Camp ground at Haypoint where they enjoy a fun filled action packed week. They use a wide range of structured physical activities to provide them with hands on experience in problem solving, calculated risk taking, team work and friendship building.  At each stage of the ACTION CHALLENGE program tasks and problems solving activities will become more and more difficult. This is designed to encourage lateral thinking processes, leadership skills, teamwork and greater involvement from the students. Of a night time the students will participate in talent shows, team building activities, mini Olympics and a well-deserved movie night. The students sleep in tents that they themselves are required to erect on the first day.  At the end of the week the students walk away with a sense of achievement and new skills to reflect and draw upon when faced with future challenges in life. The food is plentiful and the camp grounds reflect that of a bygone era.

Approximate Price Range: $340 – $360

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