Year 9 Outdoor Education Week


Camp Theme: Survivor
Locations: Seaforth and Newbry Island
Length: 4 nights / 5 days away
Accommodation: Tents

One of the more “adventurous” camps. Camp groups rotate through activities in and around Seaforth. In similar fashion to the television show “survivor”, the groups and individuals participate in challenges to gain rewards. Although all nights are away from home, this camp also challenges students to spend one night on an island with improvised camping equipment and shelters.

Learning and Outdoor Educational Outcomes
Teamwork, Team Dynamics and Team Building. Personal Challenge. Problem Solving. Tent and Shelter Construction. Camp Cooking. Navigation. Recreation.

Example Activities from Camp
Games and Sports. Problem Solving Activities. Hiking. Golf at Halliday Bay Golf Course. Archery. Fishing. Swimming. Beach Games

Approximate Price Range: $280 – $300

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