Global Learning Program

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The Whitsunday Anglican School Global Learning Program aims to allow our students the opportunity to develop a passport of global learning experiences.

The program is integral to our strategic aim of ensuring that our students develop a sense of identity and growth as they develop independence and interdependence. In achieving this our program provides educational experiences through experiential learning to increase international and cultural understanding to promote a globally competent school community.

We provide a number of Global Experiences for our School Community: 

Global Exchanges – Students in Years 10 & 11 have the opportunity to undertake a reciprocal exchange with a student at one of our Global Partner Schools. These exchanges range from 4 – 8 weeks in length. Global Exchanges provide an opportunity for students to develop independence by spending time in a foreign environment learning how to adapt to new situations and different cultures. Exchanges can either have a cultural or language focus.

Global Expeditions – The digital revolution may have brought the world into the classroom, but it has also fed a desire to take the classroom into the world. The life-skills students develop through leadership, cultural, language and service experiences cannot be gained sitting behind a desk. They are gathered by travelling as a member of a team, whilst exploring new cultures. As part of Whitsunday Anglican School’s Global Learning Program, Senior Students have the opportunity to participate in the various global expeditions that we offer annually. Each expedition has either a personal challenge, service learning or language immersion focus.

Global Classroom Collaboration – Students and teachers have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with our Global Partners Schools within our various curriculum areas. These collaborative projects will provide students the opportunity to participate in global educational experiences within their studies, which increases their global mindset as they advance through their schooling. These global partnerships will also provide the opportunities for staff to connect, share and learn from each other.

A calendar of our future Global Experiences can be found here.

Responsible Travel

Whitsunday Anglican School is proud to offer our various Global Experiences to allow our students, staff, parents and Old Scholars the opportunity to increase their international and cultural understanding. Ultimately, our program assists in our desire to grow a globally competent community.

Our Responsible Travel Guidebook is a reference tool for our students, staff, parents, Old Scholars and travel industry partners to give guidance on our aim to promote responsible travel on our global expeditions.

By travelling responsibly, we can return to our lives feeling satisfied that our travels have left a positive impact.

You can view a copy of our Responsible Travel Guidebook here.

We encourage you to explore our Global Learning section on our School’s website to discover more information about this exciting program.

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