Whitsunday Anglican School 2019 OP Results

Whitsunday Anglican School is incredibly proud of its students from the Class of 2019 and their fantastic OP results.

Four of our students attained an OP 1 which equates to an impressive 10% of students. The OP 1-5 percentage was 33%, indicating that 1 in 3 students attained an OP 1 to 5. This resulted in the School being named in the Sunday Mail yesterday as being amongst the schools in Queensland with the most students with an OP of 1 to 5.

Whitsunday Anglican School Principal, Mr Andrew Wheaton, said under the leadership of Mrs Natalie Sunner, Head of Curriculum, and Mr David Pritchard, Dean of Teaching and Learning Data Analyst, the School’s Heads of Faculty and teachers, the students performed at a high level on the QCS test external assessment.

“We are incredibly proud of our students. These results are testament to our outstanding teachers, strong culture of learning and the balanced educational programs that challenge our students to realise their aspirations,” he said.

“Our students’ efforts and commitment will now provide them with the opportunity to seek their chosen university and career pathways, where they can enter the world confidently knowing that the strong foundations of Whitsunday Anglican School have contributed to their bright futures.”

Mr Wheaton thanked the Whitsunday Anglican School community for their support and believes this support will also result in a successful transition to the ATAR system moving forward.

“The students’ performance on the QCS test provides the School and our community with confidence as we prepare our future cohorts for the new external examination system of the Queensland Certificate of Education and ATAR system,” he said.

“We thank our parents and our School community for their support of all our students, because it is this relationship which ultimately sees our students to be the best they can be.”