Middle School

Within a framework of Christian values the Whitsunday Anglican Middle School aims to provide a challenging and supportive learning experience that achieves the best outcome for each child.

We recognise that Middle School provides a significant transition between primary and secondary education. Established in 2002, the Middle School caters for students from Year 5 to Year 8. We provide an education that considers the needs of early adolescents with a focus on pedagogy and organisational structures that build on the strengths typical of adolescents and mitigates their weaknesses.

A sense of place is very important in middle schooling. Our buildings and surrounds provide a setting in which students feel they belong and are accepted. It is an environment in which they feel secure, but that allows interaction with the wider school community.

Middle School Learning

Within our Middle School we recognise that our students need to feel a sense of relationship to others, of connectedness with their peers and teachers. We acknowledge that our students are motivated by situations and ideas that arouse their feelings and passions and that they learn best when they are excited. Teaching and learning in our Middle School aims to stimulate emotions and connect with students’ everyday experiences in a way that is challenging but non-threatening.

Our Staff

Effective Middle Schooling is very dependent on particular attitudes among staff. We have a core team of teachers who understand the Middle School philosophy and who strive to provide exciting and dynamic learning experiences for all students. Middle School teachers at Whitsunday Anglican School have a firm belief that every student is capable of success. Therefore, our staff work cooperatively with the teachers, students and parents that make up the middle school family, with the collective goal of success for all students.


Code of Conduct – Middle School Students PSD-011H


Assessment – Middle and Senior School


Explanation of Report Grades


Character and Leadership Development Guide