BYOD Program

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Whitsunday Anglican School has adopted Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach to technology usage across the School for Years 4 to 12.

This model gives parents and families a personal choice of selecting equipment (including accessories) to suit the individual needs of each student. BYOD is becoming more common in the education sector, as it is within business environments.

The School provides students with enterprise-grade communication and productivity services as part of a Microsoft Office 365 education subscription at no charge to families. Office 365 provides cloud-based data storage, Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) online, and access to install Microsoft Office on student owned devices. The School also supplies a Google G-Suite Education account for each student providing further integration with our Learning Management System (Schoology) and greater interaction with teachers through Google Classroom.

Students require one primary device which meets the hardware requirements below. Optionally, students may have a secondary device such as an iPad/e-reader that they can use for digital textbooks and similar purposes.

Please note that student devices using Microsoft Family Features are not compatible with the school’s network and this will inhibit student  laptop setup until it is disabled. While at school, student internet access is filtered to allow appropriate sites. For parental web filtering and monitoring at home, we recommend Sophos Home or Norton Family Premier which are both compatible with our school systems.

Hardware Requirements for Primary Device

  • Minimum specifications:
    • i5 Processor
    • 4GB RAM (8Gb recommended)
    • 250GB internal storage
    • Screen greater than 11”
    • Physical Keyboard
  • Windows 10 is required to run some school applications required for learning

If purchasing a new laptop, a Windows 10 device is recommended for the School’s environment.

A Mac device with Windows 10 Configured via Mac’s Boot Camp may also work.

Please note, if you are purchasing a Mac, you will need to obtain a Windows 10 license, as it does not come with the device.

Some essential school applications only run on Windows.

Students can obtain a free Windows 10 license and download Windows 10 Education from using their school email and password, in need.

Accessories for younger students

  • Protective case and/or carry sleeve – This is a mandatory requirement
  • Mouse – scroll function either wireless or USB.

Purchasing a new device

If you wish to purchase a new device for your student, the School arranges special pricing for WAS families through the below retailers for November-January each year.

This allows you to buy a school-recommended device at a discounted rate. The shopping portals are available here:

Student Data

Students should store all work on their OneDrive for Business cloud storage (school provided with Office 365). This allows the files to be accessed across internet-enabled devices and significantly reduces the risk of lost data in the event of a damaged laptop or USB drive. OneDrive also provides previous versions of files to be accessed in case of accidentally saving the wrong edit of an assignment.

Students may choose to store data on their laptop (this is not recommended), but students are responsible for ensuring they maintain backups of their files.


Setup of the students laptop for use at school can be mostly done at home using the information at

To increase productivity in class, students are requested to have the software from this portal installed on their device prior to the new school year commencing.

Microsoft Office is also available for install at any time from the student’s Office 365 account at on up to 5 devices.

For Antivirus, we would recommend Sophos Home or Symantec Family Premier as it allows for parental monitoring of computer use and website monitoring/filtering, as well as antivirus protection.

If no antivirus is installed, the student can download and install the schools antivirus, but this does not allow for parental monitoring.

Onsite IT Support

The School has limited onsite IT Support to assist with:

  • Connecting to the School wireless network
  • Installing school required software
  • Installation of the School Antivirus if needed
  • To provide recommendations.

Please note we are not able to assist with hardware issues.

It is recommended that any device used within the School is adequately covered by family/household insurance policy for theft and damage.

If you would like more details or have further queries, please email

Datacom Systems

Open Link

JB Hi-Fi BYOD Information Flyer