Applications are now open for students wishing to sit for a 2018 Academic, Music or General Excellence Whitsunday Anglican School scholarship.

To be eligible to sit these exams, a student must be currently in Year 6 or above.

The Scholarships are awarded to students from Years 7 to 12, and apply for the following year. They are open to both current students, and prospective students.

Academic: Applicants are usually students who have maintained or have a high to very high level of achievement in their academic studies at school.

General Excellence: Applicants are usually students who encompass the Core Values of Whitsunday Anglican School and who are a positive citizen, though well rounded in other areas; e.g. sport, academics, cultural etc., and are able to display evidence of their achievements in their chosen area/s.

Music: Applicants are usually students who are gifted in a/or many musical talents.  Adversely to the previous two scholarship types, a portfolio or work/accomplishments are necessary with a performance in front of the Music Scholarship panel.

Scholarship Exams are conducted by Edutest ( and practice tests are available.

Scholarships provide remission of up to 25% of School tuition fees, and the scholarships continue until the end of the student’s schooling at Whitsunday Anglican School.

Whitsunday Anglican School Scholarship Testing Day Details:

The Testing Day date and  Lodging of Applications closing date are yet to be confirmed for 2018. Applications are $80, though late applications will incur a fee of $225.

Apply for an Academic, Music or General Excellence Scholarship online

Please contact the Registrar for any further information [email protected].

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