Whitsunday Anglican School offers a Homework Assistance (Middle School) and Tutorial Scheme (Senior School) free of charge. The Homework and Tutorial Scheme has been a unique part of the School’s offerings for over a decade. Students, formally from Year 5 onwards, are encouraged to be involved in this optional internal tuition program.

The teaching staff of Whitsunday Anglican School drive this program by committing to providing a minimum of one hour of their time per week, after school, every Tuesday to Thursday, to further enhance the depth of knowledge of the student’s curriculum areas.

HATS is provided for Middle School students in the Middle School and students will not be able to access the Mienert Centre until 4.15 pm. Two teachers will be allocated to each afternoon and will provide homework and assignment assistance in all subjects. HATS is offered to the Senior School on a general basis. Three teachers from different faculties will be allocated to each afternoon. The venue is the Mienert Centre. Teachers who wish to run a one-off tutorial on a specific subject, with access to specific resources, will organise this opportunity through the Daily Correspondence.

HATS provides:

  • the opportunity to learn in small groups
  • help with problem solving strategies
  • specific assistance with learning to work independently