Junior School

Within a framework of Christian values the Whitsunday Anglican School aims to provide a challenging and supportive learning experience that achieves the best outcome for each child.

All students, boys and girls, are part of a class group with their own classroom and class teacher who, in addition to teaching them and leading them through their educational journey, is responsible for the individual pastoral care of those in the class group. We believe that a strong love of learning can be nurtured through a positive, fun and supportive experience in the foundation years Kindergarten and Preparatory through to Year Four.

With its focus set firmly on the development of the whole child, the Junior School provides a safe environment which is both supportive and stimulating, and in which students are encouraged to take risks in their learning. This is an essential foundation stone for any young student as it helps foster confident, independent and resilient learners.

We have a genuine desire to create an environment that builds and strengthens the notion of family and community. We strive to create a community where boys and girls feel safe, valued, connected and have a strong sense of belonging. We encourage honest and open communication. We believe in a triangular partnership between students, parents and the School. Parents are invited to be involved in the Junior School through classroom activities and the Friends of Junior School (FOJS).

We believe that there are four ‘R’s within education – reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmatic, and RELATIONSHIPS. The Social Emotional Learning of the students is as paramount as the cognitive.

Staff strive to provide a warm and exciting setting for learning in the Junior School. Classrooms reflect a stimulating and challenging learning environment, and a most welcoming atmosphere for students and parents. Learning also focuses on developing the skills, talents and abilities necessary to make better informed decisions in community living through the ‘You Can Do It!’ (YCDI!) program. The YCDI! Program within the Junior School context is designed to support students to optimize their social, emotional, and academic development.

The Whitsunday Anglican School leadership journey begins in the Junior School: our Year Four students gain insight into a range of social and support skills; conflict resolution strategies, care, valuing differences, respect, tolerance. The students ‘buddy up’ with a Preparatory Year Buddy developing an extra sense of meaning and purpose whilst the younger students not only develop a strong, caring connection with an older buddy but are also assisted in their ‘pastoral’ learning. The Year Four students also experience leadership roles through leading Chapel and assemblies, and through representing the School at community events such as the Rats of Tobruk Service. All our Junior School students are involved in a variety of ‘service’ and community activities.

At the Junior School we have a comprehensive program designed to awaken young minds to the joys of learning including the first step in the School’s digital journey with Year Four students utilising laptops in their studies. Along with acquiring a firm grounding in literacy and numeracy through exploring, creating, communicating and documenting, students are also encouraged to experience the joys of Music and instrumental, Technology including Lego, Science, Art, Geography, History, Japanese and French languages and Health & Physical Education and sports skills.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Junior School.

Mr Mick Martin

Head of Junior School


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