Welcome to Whitsunday Anglican School. I trust as you look through this site you will sense the culture of our school, and get a feel for the environment we endeavour to create for our students and their families.

At the heart of our Whitsunday Anglican School community we embrace Christian values and principles that ensure we pursue the best educational aspirations. Christianity through social responsibility, Tolerance through respect, Excellence through effort, Dignity through tradition, Trust through co-operation are the enduring Christian values that combine to give character to the tone of the School. We encourage our boys and girls to become confident, creative and articulate men and women of our community. This is the spirit that nurtures their passage to adulthood.

We are a modern school that understands the importance of preparing boys and girls for the many responsibilities that are part of being a successful adult. Technology combines with tradition in a comfortable mix to create a school which is vibrant, challenging and filled with youthful curiosity.

Whitsunday Anglican School is well-known for the outstanding culture it provides for the education of our students. The atmosphere features a calm environment in which learning is encouraged and where seeking one’s ‘personal best’ is natural. We strive to unlock our students’ full potential, giving them the greatest opportunity to be the best they can be.

The School Motto, Spiritus Scientiae, the Spirit of Knowledge is an important principle that guides Whitsunday Anglican School programs and expectations for the education of the students. The School encourages the pursuit of knowledge and service to others and to do this in an atmosphere where integrity, empathy and compassion are learned through authentic experience.

Leadership is admired and celebrated within the School, and the Christian model of servant leadership is honoured for its power and contribution to the well-being of society. Staff are encouraged to develop their educational abilities within the framework of well-researched thinking and to have the confidence to apply creative initiatives.

The School’s programs, in all of their complex diversity, are really about the aspirations we have for the boys and girls and the tone we value within the School. In turn, there is an atmosphere within the School that we feel is precious.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse our website. I invite you to visit the School, and see firsthand the wonderful opportunities and facilities which are available to Whitsunday Anglican School students.

Mrs Maria McIvor
MEd (Leadership and Administration). BEd, DipTchg, GCertTH, TTC, MACEL, MAICD