Whitsunday Anglican School’s scholarships are awarded to students from Years 7 to 12, and apply for the following year. Students must be in Year 6 or above to be eligible to sit the exam.

Scholarship applications are open to both current students, and prospective students.

Academic: Applicants are students who have consistently achieved a very high level of academic success.

General Excellence: Applicants are students who encompass the Core Values of Whitsunday Anglican School and are well-rounded in sport, academics and cultural endeavours. They are able to display evidence of their achievements in their chosen areas.

General Excellence – Music: Applicants are students who are gifted musically. A portfolio of work and accomplishments are necessary along with an audition for the Music Scholarship panel.

General Excellence – Sport: Applicants are students who have demonstrated exceptional ability in their chosen sport, and can display evidence of this success.

Scholarship exams are conducted by Edutest ( and practice tests are available once an application is submitted.

Scholarships provide remission of up to 25% of School tuition fees, and the scholarships continue until the end of the student’s schooling at Whitsunday Anglican School.

Whitsunday Anglican School Scholarship Testing Day

Scholarship applications for 2018 are now closed and the exam has been undertaken by the scholarship applicants. Details for the 2019 Scholarship exam will become available later in the year.

Please contact the Registrar for any further information