Register your interest in a Whitsunday Anglican School Scholarship

Scholarships generally apply for the following year, though exceptions may be granted. Once awarded, scholarships apply for the duration of the student’s schooling at Whitsunday Anglican School, subject to semester review.

All scholarship applicants are required to sit a scholarship test through Academic Assessment Services (AAS) and take part in a interview with the Principal.

Please note there is a $100 fee to submit a scholarship application through AAS.

Academic: Applicants are students who have consistently achieved a very high level of academic success and have performed in the top 4% of the Academic Assessment Services Test.

Music: Music Scholarships are awarded to students, who demonstrate outstanding musical achievement or potential on any instrument or voice – Strings, Choral, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Keyboard and Contemporary Music. Applicants must be able to display evidence of their achievements in music through the submission of a portfolio and / or an audition and interview.

Sport: Applicants are students who have demonstrated exceptional ability in their chosen sport and can display evidence of this success.

To register your interest in scholarship sitting dates in 2022, please email