Information Services

Information Services includes Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Library Services. Information Services is a critical component of any modern teaching and learning environment and forms a very important part of the School’s strategic plan. Whitsunday Anglican School has a number of dedicated high end computer laboratories for specialist subjects but also sees the importance of a 1:1 mobile device environment.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to create a progressive, user-centred information centre, committed to the development of information literate learners and cyber citizens in an ever-changing teaching and learning environment.


  • To empower students to become independent learners, who can choose and use appropriate and relevant resources.
  • To create and maintain a relevant up-to-date resources which meets the needs of users and supports the teaching and learning within the school.
  • To provide a vibrant and dynamic, user-centred area, reflective of the standards set out in the schools’ core values.
  • To provide friendly support for the school community.

Opening hours

  • ICT support is available from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Vision IT

Whitsunday Anglican School is a leading school in the district in its use of ICTs from Kindergarten to Year 12. In this digital age, students need to be highly literate in ICT and increasingly expect to be able to use such technologies in their learning. Our school is committed to developing digital pedagogies to support the integration of these technologies.

We have taken a major step forward in the use of computer technology within our curriculum. Our early experience with the use of computers prompted us to restructure our approach to teaching and learning and what we consider as important in educating students for life and work in the twenty-first century. In particular, we have made a substantial shift from learning to use technology to using technology to learn.

At Whitsunday Anglican School, we want students to be active users of technology. Students use mobile computers as multipurpose tools for research, productivity, communication, presentation, reflection and thinking. The advantage of a mobile computer is that it is the student’s own portable learning and communication tool.

The Vision IT program is unique in Mackay and one of few in Queensland. Whitsunday Anglican School believes that a mobile computer combined with access to information in a digital learning environment is a vital tool for students. The use of mobile computers will be embedded throughout the school curriculum to provide flexibility in teaching strategies and to enhance student learning. Students greatly benefit from access to this productive, creative and timesaving tool whenever and wherever they need it.