Senior School

Within a framework of Christian values the Whitsunday Anglican School aims to provide a challenging and supportive learning experience that achieves the best outcome for each child.

The Senior School provides a vibrant, friendly environment where students are provided with opportunities and experiences that encourage personal development and positive growth. Students are encouraged to investigate how they fit into their world and how their influence can bring about change as they become global citizens.

We encourage our students to follow Whitsunday Anglican School’s strategic aims of internationalism, ICT and innovation, while adhering to our core values of Christianity, tolerance, excellence, dignity and trust.

Every adolescent wants to enjoy their time at school and while they might not articulate this desire, they want to learn more about themselves and the world around them. This can only come about if students have positive relationships with the staff and are encouraged to extend themselves without fear of failure. At Whitsunday Anglican School, we aim to provide a learning environment with high standards of care, Christian values, academic rigour and a focus on independent learning and a positive environment. We believe that Whitsunday Anglican School graduates will leave with a passion for learning and with the virtues of wisdom and integrity. They will be citizens who positively transform the communities in which they live and work. They will have bright futures that they learned to imagine at Whitsunday Anglican School.


We understand that young adolescents require a curriculum that reflects their developmental needs at this often, very challenging phase of their lives. We aim to tailor our curriculum to ensure each student is given every opportunity to succeed in a challenging yet supportive learning environment.

Whitsunday Anglican School has an outstanding academic record providing its graduating students with the best preparation for life and further studies. Our students have always achieved impressive results in the state-wide tertiary entrance examinations. The academic program is designed to provide a challenging yet accessible course for all ranges of abilities and backgrounds. Students are provided with opportunities to extend themselves through extra investigations, competitions and academic clubs.

Each semester, Whitsunday Anglican School offers a Homework and Tutorial Scheme (HATS) in key subject areas in outside class time programs. Students can enrol in these for the semester to gain extra assistance in areas they feel would benefit from these sessions. Students undertake core and elective subjects in Years 9 and 10 and Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) subjects in Years 11 and 12. All Year 11 and 12 subjects are QCAA approved and contribute to an Overall Performance (OP) Score at the end of Year 12 for entry to tertiary studies. However from 2020 students will no longer work towards an OP, they will work towards an ATAR. For more information visit our Academic Results page.

Some subjects may be offered by Distance Education upon application. Whitsunday Anglican School is also in partnership with Mackay Christian College and students can access the Trade Centre to complete certificates in engineering, building and construction.

Years 9 to 12 students take part in the BYOD program, giving them access to technology across the School . All students follow a digital based curriculum and all subjects have a Virtual Learning environment (VLE) that gives them learning support both at school and at home.

As one of our goals is to produce responsible global citizens, the program also encompasses Christian Education, a weekly participatory Chapel service, and a Health and Physical Education program.

Academic queries should be directed to the Heads of Faculty or the Acting Head of Curriculum, Mrs Kathy Steggles.


We believe that happy students learn best. Consequently, we strive to create a learning community where students, parents and staff feel safe, valued, connected and have a strong sense of belonging.

Pastoral care at Whitsunday Anglican School is positive and inclusive. With our core values of Christianity, tolerance, excellence, dignity and trust, underpinning all our programs, we assist our students to form connections within our community which will enable them to grow and flourish. Pastoral care is not restricted to a particular program or curriculum and various elements of student well-being operate within our community. Staff, students, parents and the wider community are utilised as resources to enhance the vision and spirit of the philosophy of all aspects of pastoral care.

Each student belongs to one of four houses where they and their peers will have strong relations with a Head of House and other House staff. Integral to this system is the Tutor Group, where students meet at the start of each day. The delivery of pastoral care is primarily proactive in order to provide support, guidance and education for students with the onus of responsibility upon each member of the school community, for the well-being of others.

Other student support structures, policies and staff include:

  • Student Records and References
  • Student Support Information
  • Student Well Being lessons (Years 9-12)
  • Interviews and Guidance
  • Academic Monitoring List
  • Academic Reviews
  • Learning Services
  • Seasons for Growth
  • Academic tutoring
  • Leadership
  • Christian Education – Chapel Services
  • House System
  • Outdoor Education Camps


All students in the Senior School are provided with the opportunity to develop leadership skills. The skills are taught and encouraged through the House system and in Personal Development lessons.

All Senior School students are leaders within the life of the School. Some will be formally recognised through the awarding of a position of leadership; others will serve the School in a less obvious (but no less important) manner. Younger students within the School look up to all Senior School students as examples of the best way to conduct themselves. This places the responsibility of leadership within the School on all Senior School students, and consequently all Year 12 students will be entitled to wear a senior badge on their uniform.

In Year Eleven, Secondary students are invited to nominate for a position of leadership across the School. Student leaders at Whitsunday Anglican School are appointed by the Principal. Using the Servant Leadership model, the following positions are available, in a male and female capacity: School Captains, Vice School Captains, Service Captains, Academic Captains, Middle School Captains, Junior School Captains, Arts Captains, Boarding Captains, Chapel Captains, Sports Captains, House Captains (4 houses).

The Pastoral Team – Roles and Duties of Pastoral Care Staff in the Senior School

The Senior School Secretary

In the Senior School Office Mrs Margie Haines, our Senior School secretary facilitates the checking of attendance and communication of routine school notices. In the first instance all students, parents and staff should make contact with Mrs Haines for assistance with all student welfare enquiries. Enquiries will be answered where possible or redirected to the most appropriate staff member. Mrs Haines can be contacted on 4969 2032 or by emailing

The House Tutors

The House Tutor will get to know the student and their parents so well that he or she can be very ready to assist with personal or academic issues, concerns and guidance. The House Tutor is responsible for monitoring uniforms and student diaries of their students and for the upkeep of their House Room and Tutor Group Roll. The House Tutor is responsible for the students in their group during Pastoral Care allocated times. The House Tutor will be the first point of contact between secondary school parents and the school and will ensure that when appropriate, Heads of House and senior administration staff are made aware of problems relating to particular students. House Tutors will communicate to parents via the School Diary or via email or telephone.

Heads of House

The Heads of House are responsible for the co-ordination and supervision of pastoral care, and discipline within their Houses. The Heads of House will monitor the overall progress including academic, extra curricula and social development of students within the House. The Heads of House assist House Tutors in their daily role act as a conduit for information flow between parents, tutors, Heads of Faculty and the Head of Senior School.

Ambrose House: Mrs Dionne Hayhoe – or 4969 2053
Barnabas House: Mr Michael McKenna – or 4969 2054
Charles House: Mr Don Edwards – or 4969 2053
Trinity House: Mrs Kelly Cooper (Acting) – or 4969 2021

Head of Senior School

Mrs Sarah Wright (Head of Senior School) is responsible for the co-ordination of student support systems, pastoral care, and services for students in the Senior School. The Head of Senior School oversees the induction of new students as well as the general welfare and discipline of students throughout the year. Mrs Wright guides and supports the Head of Houses in their pastoral roles and house initiatives. She, along with the Head of Curriculum; Ms Jenny Grant, is also responsible for the career guidance of the Senior School students and is an integral part of the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) program. The Head of Senior School supports the Head of Curriculum in the supervision of the academic program in the Senior School.

Co-Curricular Activities

Our vibrant co-curricular program is inclusive of a wide range of activities including:

  • Various sports (Football, Netball, Rowing, Volleyball)
  • Double Helix Science Club
  • Optiminds
  • MacDonald Mathematics competition
  • Debating
  • Outdoor Education (School camp program)
  • Music (various bands)
  • Drama and Tennis lessons
  • Artists in residence program
  • Kids Plus (arts and craft)
  • Chess
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Archery
  • Amnesty International
  • Zonta
  • Interact

Special events within the Senior School include Senior School House Spirit Days, Non-uniform days, Senior School BBQs and Camp Week. Whole school include the Whitsunday Voices Literature Festival, Splendour in the Arts evening, and House based activities such as Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country carnivals, House sport challenges and the House Choir competition.

All students within the Senior School are expected to participate in at least one co-curricular activity throughout the year. The emphasis is on developing commitment and team work as well as a broader range of personal qualities that encompass effective communication, resilience, responsibility, a sense of fairness and personal satisfaction through participation.

Mrs Sarah Wright
Head of Senior School

Assessment – Middle and Senior School


2019/2020 Years 9 and 10 Subject Courses Booklet


2018/2019/2020 Years 11 and 12 Subject Courses Booklet


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