45 per cent of Year 12s score ATAR 90.00 or above

The Class of 2021 achieved exceptional results.

Whitsunday Anglican School congratulates the graduating cohort of 2021 on their exceptional results, with ATAR scores released today.

45% of the entire Whitsunday Anglican School cohort received an ATAR score of 90 or above, 28% achieved a remarkable ATAR result of 95 or above, and 14% of students achieved an impressive ATAR of 99 or higher.

Whitsunday Anglican School Principal, Mr Andrew Wheaton, said this year’s high ATARs reflected a cohort of students with determination, creativity and passion.

“We are incredibly proud of our 2021 graduates, who have worked extremely hard to achieve these results,” Mr Wheaton said. “To know that 14% of our Year 12 students received the news today of an ATAR of 99 or above, is just extraordinary.

“Once again, the Year 12s of Whitsunday Anglican School are well placed to pursue the pathway and future of their choosing. Be it university, or a VET pathway, we wish them well on their journey beyond school.”

Mr Wheaton said graduates were the lifeblood of regional communities like Mackay, ensuring essential skills were maintained in the region.

“We are a leading regional school, and we know our past students are active contributors locally, nationally and on the international stage,” he said.

“Our Year 12s headed to university are seeking careers in medicine, engineering, law, teaching, mathematics, and the Arts, to name a few.

“A number of our 2021 graduates have also secured highly sought-after local apprenticeship opportunities, including in mining and agriculture.

“Whitsunday Anglican School’s strong history of creating outstanding opportunities for our students is proudly reflected in the wider Mackay, Whitsunday and Isaac communities each year.”

Mr Wheaton acknowledged the dedicated teachers and staff for their support of the students, empowering them to be the best that they can be as they seek a bright future beyond the gates of Whitsunday Anglican School.